Food Star

At Foodstar, the choice is yours!!! We have a wide range of salads from Garden Salad to Seafood Combination. Seafood lovers will relish our Prawns (dinner only). Perhaps you would like to try one of our flavoursome soups or taste our hot food varieties - everything from Roast Duck to Barbecued Chicken to Beef and Black Bean to Singaporean Noodles. If you're here for dinner, you can enjoy our delicious prime Roast Beef, carved for you, and served with our Australian Grade A Gravy. Last but not least, indulge in our beautifully decorated and extremely delectable desserts. Our desserts have an international flair: Black Forest Cake, Cream Caramel, and fruit tarts and self serve sundaes are just some of our tasty treats. We look forward to seeing you soon!